Re: disabling keyring

On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 15:09 -0700, Myk Melez wrote:
> �ic Brunet wrote:
> > What I would find more logical is that NetworkManager itself manages the
> > network informations and keys, storing them in someplace neutral
> >   

> Dropping into detailed mode is merely an aesthetic consideration, but 
> presumably whatever ntpd is failing to do (update the system time?) is a 
> technical issue, and I imagine there are other services that could 
> benefit from having a network connection available to them once the 
> network service starts up (fairly early in the service startup sequence).

This is a hack.  These network services, like ntpd, need to deal with
differing and/or absent network connections.  That's no different than
now.  The only difference is that a network connection might not be
immediately available to the daemon.  So when one _is_ available, the
daemon should then try to contact the NTP server, but not before.

This isn't a NetworkManager issue, it's an issue with ntpd essentially
_expecting_ there to always be a network connection.  Just because a
port is marked IFF_UP doesn't mean you can contact anything on it
either, so you do need something like NM to tell you when you have a
connection, and when you don't.

There are many daemons like this: mDNSResponder/howl, avahi, ntpd,
GNOME's Weather applet, etc.  Right now, they are all pretty dumb, and
they need to be made smarter.  But it's not NetworkManager's job to hack
around these daemons' stupidity.


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