Re: disabling keyring

On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 10:01:57AM -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> > Dropping into detailed mode is merely an aesthetic consideration, but 
> > presumably whatever ntpd is failing to do (update the system time?) is a 
> > technical issue, and I imagine there are other services that could 
> > benefit from having a network connection available to them once the 
> > network service starts up (fairly early in the service startup sequence).
> This is a hack.  These network services, like ntpd, need to deal with
> differing and/or absent network connections.  That's no different than
> now.  The only difference is that a network connection might not be
> immediately available to the daemon.  So when one _is_ available, the
> daemon should then try to contact the NTP server, but not before.

Sure, I agree. ntpd, kweatherd, etc. are stupid processes that need to be

But ntpd is a client, network-wise. I was thinking of a server process,
such as httpd or sshd. If I run such a process on a computer, I expect to
be able to power up the computer, leave it alone a couple of minutes
(boot time) and be able to access the server from the network. It is not
so with NetworkManager: I need to power up the computer, leave it alone a
couple of minutes (boot time) and then log in to have the network working
and my server usefull. It doesn't matter whom I am logging as, just
someone needs to be logged in! It doesn't make any sense; why should
I need to log in as joe to have the system wide httpd working on that
computer ? And imagine that I just do that and leave the computer powered
up at home and go for a walk, knowing that some people are accessing the
httpd server. Now, if there is a power outage and the computer reboots,
noone will be able to access the server till I go home and log in again!

That is a NetworkManager issue, completely specific to NetworkManager.

Éric Brunet

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