Re: disabling keyring

On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 20:17 +0200, �ic Brunet wrote:
> So, for all the people unhappy with this keyring fonctionnality, I have
> made a patch that restores the old behaviour of storing the network keys
> in gconf. You will find the patch at with a
> binary rpm built for fedora.

With all due respect I'm opposed to this patch. Please don't commit it. 

What we're seeing here are issues with gnome-keyring - issues that are
well known (nautilus/gnome-vfs uses gnome-keyring too but I guess few
people actually uses e.g. webdav shares) but not yet fixed because
gnome-keyring hasn't had much exposure. So my point of view is simply to
fix these bugs in gnome-keyring rather than taking the easy way out and
leaving precious secret items in the clear.

Yea, I know that some people say that gnome-keyring is the wrong
approach from the beginning and we should just use encrypted home
directories but keep in mind that the "automatically unlock keyring upon
login" is equivalent to the "encrypted home directory" problem [1].


[1] : insofar that you need the passphrase to decrypt the home directory

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