Re: [patch] add remove right-click menu item.

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 08:13 -0400, David Zeuthen wrote:
>  NotifIcon
>  +-----------------------------------------+
>  | [ ]  Wired Network                      |
>  |            Wireless Networks            |
>  |       ben          [+-----------------] |
>  |       bk45g        [+++---------------] |
>  | *     davidznet    [++++++++++++++----] |
>  |       linksys      [++++--------------] |
>  |   [L] private_net  [+++++++-----------] |
>  | --------------------------------------- |
>  |   More Connections                    > |
>  | --------------------------------------- |
>  |   Connect To Other Wireless Network...  |
>  |   Create A New Wireless Network...      |
>  +-----------------------------------------+

Ok, my take on this is that any "primary" connection (ie, one that's
actually hardware) should be in the main menu at this time...  So stuff
like dial-up still needs to be in the menu, because it needs to have a
check-mark by it when it's the active connection.  Eventually we may
have a couple different sections, Wired, Wireless, Dial-up, Bluetooth,
but that's life for the moment.

If we're going to split some of these things out into a different menu,
we shouldn't stick dial-up into it.

> [1] : which is IMO only switching wireless networks; connecting to VPN,
> dial-up is probably something that should automatically happen (hence,
> it's not in the primary menu) through prompting the user (dialog or
> notification bubble) but that is another story.

I'm somewhat skeptical about auto-connecting VPN, that was the original
idea but for various reasons (ie, the coffee shop makes you log in to
their network before they let your traffic pass) we decided not to do
VPN autologin at this time.  However, we could revisit that decision.

Auto-dialup is a different story.  This should be an _option_, but not
the default.  The idea here is that you don't want your system just
dialing at any random time, picking up the phone when somebody is
already talking on it, when there's already a connection, etc.  For
something like dialup you need to know you're on the phone, its a bit
more manual, and a bit more serious in locations where you're charged


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