Re: [patch] confirm before sending to trash

On Wed, 30 Mar 2011 21:37:16 +0200, Alexander Larsson
<alexl redhat com> wrote:

> Yeah. Thats what it would mean. Its hard to please everyone, and
> people with years on osx will have ctrl-delete as muscle memory...

Not if they've also been Nautilus users through all these years... :-)

> Still, delete is a particularly risky function, so i think making it a
> bit harder is the right thing here.

We're talking about a file manager - and moving stuff to the trash is
one of the fundamental file operations, so it should not be harder
than absolutely necessary.

The only scenario where control+delete would maybe make things safer
anyways is the "cat walks over the keyboard while I'm in the bathroom"
scenario. I'm not sure that scenario is worth making day-to-day work
harder, and I'm also not sure the proposed solution really is the best

In my oppinion, this whole thread is a typical case of "Never use a
warning when you mean undo" [1], no matter if you try to make valid
actions harder via a confirmation dialog or other means. Visual
feedback plus easily reachable undo appears to be so much nicer.



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