Re: [patch] confirm before sending to trash

On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 09:27:28AM +0000, giorgio wrote:
> Also, none of the solutions mentioned above actually are as effective
> as a confirmation dialog: the only other suggestion that actually
> would be really effective in avoiding accidental loss of data, is to
> associate deletion of a file to a Ctrl-Delete o Alt-Delete, the way
> MacOSX does it. I can patch that? Would that be committed?

Shift-delete already does that when you enable the real delete option.

> Whit all my brainpower, I truly don't understand what is the problem
> in giving the users the option to activate a confirmation dialog.

1) It is not a good solution for the problem
   Meaning: it works around the problem instead of solving it
2) Causes maintenance burden
3) If workaround is implemented, good solution will never be solved
4) Confirmation dialogs are bad (enough studies that they're just
   ignored. e.g. I often automatically click enter before actually
   thinking about the dialog).

If you really want to help users, solve the real issue instead of yet
another dialog.

As explained, making deletion more annoying is not a solution. Make it
more visible.

Note: not a maintainer, just been around for a while.


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