Re: [patch] confirm before sending to trash

Le mercredi 16 mars 2011 à 10:46 +0000, Giorgio F. Gilestro a écrit : 
> > > 1) It is not a good solution for the problem
> > >    Meaning: it works around the problem instead of solving it
> Not true. It actually solves the problem pretty nicely. In fact this is
> the solution that all other browser with a delete-key use: including
> Konqueror, Thunar and Microsoft Explorer.

And they all fail to provide a proper solution because of point 4.

> > > 2) Causes maintenance burden
> I don't know what you're talking about. An addition that fixes a problem
> causes maintenance burden? They all do.

Because you just added a new dialog *and* a way to enable/disable it.
Instead of 1 code path, you have 3 code paths to handle: enabled,
disabled, and what happens when the setting changes. 

> > > 3) If workaround is implemented, good solution will never be solved
> This is NOT a workaround.

It is definitely a workaround. The fact that you want to make this
option configurable shows that it is not a proper solution. Either you
enable it and you’re confronted with annoying dialogs, or you disable it
and you can delete file by mistake. Congratulations, you now have 2
different broken behaviors instead of one.

> I think I explained myself badly, because you don't seem to have
> understood. If you ACCIDENTALLY hit the delete key (for instance, as you
> reach for your coffee mug, or as your toddler bangs on the keyboard, or
> as your cat walks by when you are in the bathrom....) files are gone in
> the trashbin and unless you have nothing better to do than checking your
> trashbin everytime you empty it, they may be well gone forever. A dialog
> stops that. A key combination may also stop it.
> Flashing icons, popups and animations, do not stop that faulty behaviour.

In a text editor, do you have to hit a confirmation dialog every time
you press the delete key? Of course not, because you have an undo
button. If you delete something by accident, you can delete it in one
click. THIS is the appropriate behavior: make everything easy to
achieve, but at the same time make everything easy to revert.

There is absolutely no reason why the same reasoning (and solution)
should not be applied to the file manager.

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