Re: trash/delete prompt

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 1:46 AM, Milosz Derezynski
<internalerror gmail com> wrote:
> When a user moves something into the Trash for the first time, a
> notification bubble above the trashcan on the desktop, at a trash icon in
> the systray, inside nautilus, or "just" a notification bubble, or wherever,
> says "$N Files have been moved to the Trash. Click on 'Trash' to open and
> restore the files." where 'Trash' should be clickable so you can just open
> it again, and the bubble shouldn't disappear within just 2 or 3 seconds but
> probably more like after 8 or so.

Isn't a general design rule "Never say 'Are you sure?' if you can say
Undo?" So what about a notification which says something like

"$N Files have been moved to the Trash. Undo?"

I am thinking of a notification bar like the one that comes up if you
open a photo containing device in nautilus and it suggests to open
f-spot. Btw that's pretty much how GMail does it and I think it's easy
for the absolute beginners, and not annoying for the power users.


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