Re: trash/delete prompt

> Isn't a general design rule "Never say 'Are you sure?' if you can say
> Undo?" So what about a notification which says something like
> "$N Files have been moved to the Trash. Undo?"
> I am thinking of a notification bar like the one that comes up if you
> open a photo containing device in nautilus and it suggests to open
> f-spot. Btw that's pretty much how GMail does it and I think it's easy
> for the absolute beginners, and not annoying for the power users.

I'm not sure if that's an actual design rule, but it's not necessarily
a bad one. However, I think the reason it works so well for GMail is
that it uses a very quiet notification.

A notification bubble would be equivalent in this context, but I
believe Ubuntu's new notification system would turn that into an alert
box anyway, defeating the purpose. Of course, it's yet to be seen how
broadly that system will penetrate distributions.


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