Re: [Nautilus-list] Oh no, more feature requests!!

> Hey yeah I definitely like this idea.  Not sure if it would be easy to
> implement, but being able to add/remove whatever you wanted (including
> turning off the floppy/cdrom automatically appearing) would be great.
> Along with selecting icons for them.
> The simpler/uglier tree would not be as replacement but as an option.
> The tree would just probably be more functional if it displayed more
> vertically, and to do this it would have to be simpler looking (ala GMC
> or something).  The aim wasn't uglyness =)

I'm not a coder, but I don't imagine that being able to add and remove
top level folders in the tree view would be any more complicated than
being able to add and remove news feeds.  In fact, I imagine that it
would be somewhat simpler since displaying trees from these folders
would probably use much of the same code that's in the tree view now.
As far as the actual addition and subtraction of folders within the
view, this could either be done by drag and drop, or by a preferences
dialog alla the news view.


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