[Nautilus-list] trash search


In testing for Red Hat, we've decided that the trash search is not
shippable. We are getting zillions of complaints; if you have a large
NFS volume, it basically locks up your computer with the I/O
traffic. It also keeps you from unmounting partitions.  There are also
concerns that thrown-away documents might inadvertently end up in a
directory with different permissions from those intended. (even if
Nautilus won't throw away a document by moving it between directories
with different ownership/perms/ACLs, people could inadvertently change
ownership/perms/ACLs not realizing that trash has complicated which
directories need changing.)

The trash search slows your computer to a crawl the first time you log
in, which just really gives people a bad first impression of Nautilus
and the desktop.

The simple solution is: 
 - use the home directory for all directories on the same device
   as the home directory
 - if we can write to the top of a mount point, put trash there
   (this does preserve the permissions/ACLs issue though)
 - otherwise give up

This is what I've hacked up for now, it basically involves a couple
#if 0 in file-method.c. I'd love advice on a better solution, but I
think scanning 5 or even 1 level deep for a writeable directory is
simply not feasible - it is too expensive and raises too many hard
issues, and hoses the machine too badly on first login.

What are people's feelings on this?


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