[Nautilus-list] Oh no, more feature requests!!

>> 1) Tree sidebar reorganization
>> Take a look at: http://www.eps.ufsc.br/~juliano/nautilus/tree.png
>> Right now, the sidebar shows the tree as it is. That is, it shows the
>> root (/), when expanded shows home, usr, tmp, and so on.
>> My suggestion is to mask things a little, making navigation easier.
>> In the base of the tree is better to have the user home, the machine
>> (/), and removable medias (when mounted). Maybe we can put here the
>> magic desktop URIs from RedHat Labs too.
>> I think Windows, KDE, Mac work like that.

>  I like it for usability, but it breaks the filesystem up in an
>  inconsistant way. There may be a better way of doing this or putting
>  it in a tab other than the tree tab.

Ye, I thought about that, but don't have a solution. I think there's a
lot of tabs already, so that's not the best one.

>> 2) When dnd an image with right button into another icon, show an
>> option to set this image as the icon
>> Take a look at:
>> http://www.eps.ufsc.br/~juliano/nautilus/setasicon.png
>> Just to speed up things (I change icons a lot).

> I agree. EFM had all settings come from middle-drags and it worked
> great.

Yes! Middle-drag do nothing now, right? So no option is needed to show,
just change the icon.

>> 3) Change zoom widget on the toolbar
>> Take a look at: http://www.eps.ufsc.br/~juliano/nautilus/zoom.png
>> Again this is just to make navigation faster. For example, I?m in the
>> default view (100%) and I want to zoom to 400%. I need to pass to
>> 150%, then to 200% and finally to 400%. With the widget change I can
>> pass directly from
>> 100 to 400%.

> Tried right clicking on it? (Though I agree that a standard widget
> would
> be good.)

Duuhhh!!! I'm a really stupid guy! Man, I thought on a feature and this
is already implemented... You guys are the best!

>> 4) Replace mozilla-component with gtkhtml-component
>> Please, I don't want to start some kind of war. I admire all those
>> who contributed to mozilla component, but right now galeon and
>> mozilla are much better browsers than nautilus. The main use of the
>> html component is display
>> help, and mozilla just don?t integrate very well with the desktop. 
>> You can see that at the screenshot:
>> http://www.eps.ufsc.br/~juliano/nautilus/html-comp.png
>> I?ve been using the cvs component and it work very well. From my
>> point of view it is ready for primetime.

> Having it as an option would be good but what's really lacking with
> Nautilus' web functionality is functionality. If it could do all that
> Galeon could it'd be a much more usable web browser.

Yes, but that's a lot of work and probably will take sometime. My
suggestion is to put gtkhtml component as the default html viewer and
leave the mozilla one as an option for right now.
It's good for help view and local html preview.
Of course the long term objective it's have a full featured webbrowser
inside Nautilus.

Juliano Soares dos Santos

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