Re: [Nautilus-list] Oh no, more feature requests!!

> 1) Tree sidebar reorganization
> Take a look at:
> Right now, the sidebar shows the tree as it is. That is, it shows the root
> (/), when expanded shows home, usr, tmp, and so on.
> My suggestion is to mask things a little, making navigation easier. In the
> base of the tree is better to have the user home, the machine (/), and
> removable medias (when mounted). Maybe we can put here the magic desktop
> URIs from RedHat Labs too.
> I think Windows, KDE, Mac work like that.

As a user (my 2 cents) I like this idea and the layout is pretty good.
Personally I think this would make the tree (or a new tree based on
this) far more functional.  

Another great option would be what has been mentioned here before..
being able to have an uglier/simpler tree view which can fit more
content in vertically, and the ability to make the panel fill out the
sidebar area (removing the tabs).

But I guess with the more limited resources for Nautilus these days,
more than ever code speaks louder than words...


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