Re: [Nautilus-list] Oh no, more feature requests!!

> As a user (my 2 cents) I like this idea and the layout is pretty good.
> Personally I think this would make the tree (or a new tree based on
> this) far more functional.  
> Another great option would be what has been mentioned here before..
> being able to have an uglier/simpler tree view which can fit more
> content in vertically, and the ability to make the panel fill out the
> sidebar area (removing the tabs).
> But I guess with the more limited resources for Nautilus these days,
> more than ever code speaks louder than words...

I'm not sure about an uglier/simpler tree.  I was thinking about it, and
I like the idea for the tree proposed in the screenshots.  I think that
having certain starting folders like root and home and some devices is a
good thing.  To insure the functionality of it, however, the user should
be able to add and remove starting folders from the tree view.  Say the
default ones are User X's Home, Root, CDROM, and Floppy Drive.  If the
user so desires (if the user is working on a project on an nfs drive or
somewhere else...), he should be able to add the folder or folders that
he needs to the top level of the tree view to allow for instant access
to them.  Likewise, if the user does not want a folder as a top level in
the tree view, he should be able to remove it.


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