Re: [Muine] [Patch] Better album defining

>> I don't want to waste more time and attention on something that has good
>> intentions, has a good UI idea, but then just leaves a bad taste in my
>> mouth because it's so unpractical and featureless (ever heard of the
>> nice "shuffle" function, which even mpg123 has??). I will see you guys
>> when version 2.0 hits freshmeat.
> If you would have done a little research before ranting you would have
> found, on the muine website, a link to the shuffle proposal. The
> proposal is here: and
> waiting for Gtk 2.4 support to land in Gtk#.

Out of curiosity what new stuff in GTK 2.4 are we waiting for? the action
menu stuff or what?? just curious, shuffle is the only thing I miss from
rhythmbox... I like the muine UI better, and have been using it for a
while, and RB is probably about to go through its 4th (or 5th ?) revision.

> I'm sorry if the application didn't please you right away. As of course,
> we are forcing you to use it, not the other way around.
> Jorn
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