Re: RFC for the migration of the membership management

Vincent Untz wrote:
I agree it'd be better :-) I'll try to import all the members, then.

Feel for you :) Dinner on me whenever you are in Mumbai.

Hrm. I was too vague: we'll probably end up with a request tracker
similar to what the sysadmins are using to track account requests and a
membership manager. The request tracker will be used to track the
applications and will contain the contributions and contacts. So the
information will still be there. But I don't think we need to put it in
the membership manager too.

I was planning to put this across as a suggestion, but then again did
not. An RT would be a good idea in this case and the membership manager
may not contain the contact information.

The membership manager will only be used to manage people who are/were
members. I don't believe it's useful to include there an applicant whose
application was rejected.

/me agrees. +1



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