Application received from Erik J.J. Snoeijs (stratos AT

Contact Information:
Name: Erik J.J. Snoeijs
E-mail: stratos AT nickname (if any): stratos username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

marketing gnome

Detailed description:
for gnome-nl i've managed the creation of business cards and there sponsership and are currently busy with 
the creation of a 100% dutch GNOME liveCD and finding sponsership to get it produced in bulk for confrence 

Besides that im also on most confrence events where gnome-nl is present to do public relations.

Reinouts van Schouwen (reinouts gnome org) dutch translator
Ronald S. Bultje (rbultje gnome org) gstreamer hacker

Other comments:
i'm very active within gnome-nl (the dutch gnome translation/marketing group) and hope to keep doing that for 
a long while. 

next to that i'm also planning to become a regular contributer on the gnome marketing team.

[Application received at Fri Aug 19 16:21:23 2005 (Eastern time)]

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