Re: Renewals of the memberships

Le Jeudi 18 septembre 2003, a 10:03, Jody Goldberg a ecrit :
What does everyone think? I personally feel that 1 year memberships are
fine, although I guess that might mean more work for the membership

Looking at contributor life cycles historically one year seems a
better match than two.  However, I don't want to swamp the
membership committee.

    Do they have the systems in place to support annual renewal ?
    Will this double their work load ?

We don't have such a system yet, but the plan is to switch to a new
database-based system which will allow an automatic mailing when a
member need to renew. Eric is working on this.

We should be able to test the system in one or two months and if
everything works fine, we will switch to it after the elections.

Thus it should be easier for us to make the renewals, even if they are

But for now, we're stuck with manual mailing for the renewals.


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