Re: 1.3.2 bzr 'fixes' - still can't deal with exec bit changes

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 4:42 PM, Andrew Beyer <beyer andrew gmail com> wrote:
> In any case, couldn't meld use the "--short" form of the stat command?
> Which I believe puts all the flags before each filename, and is
> probably easier to parse anyway.

a quick glance at _lookup_tree_cache() in vc/ makes it look like
the parsing is broken for other things too. Symlinks,  file renames,
and kind changes (dir to file, or vice versa) can all add extra
annotation after the filename in stat command output which isn't dealt
with at all. The short form at least puts flags before the filename,
which would disambiguate the "*" issue, but still shows renames as
"old-filename => new-filename" and similar for kind changes. It looks
like even in the short form, an "@" is appended on symlinks, which is
also a valid if uncommon character in a filename.

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