Re: 1.3.2 bzr 'fixes' - still can't deal with exec bit changes

On 9 July 2010 01:15, Steve Franks <bahamasfranks gmail com> wrote:
> I'm sure there's some file somewhere I have to edit, and it's not
> really a bug, but it's a major annoyance: meld always grabs the '*',
> and bzr complains when it's used as part of the filename...meld's
> pretty useless to me for bzr at the moment, since my ugly mix of winXP
> boxes (virtualbox+cad), and FreeBSD machines (everything else) is
> pretty much guaranteed to muck-up the exec bit when I edit a file.
> Best,
> Steve
> bzr --no-aliases --no-plugins commit -m "chmod 775" uC/LPC13xx_UM.pdf*
> (in /home/steve/projects/datasheets)
> Committing to: bzr+ssh://
> aborting commit write group: PathsNotVersionedError(Path(s) are not
> versioned: "uC/LPC13xx_UM.pdf*")
> bzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: "uC/LPC13xx_UM.pdf*"
> Exit code: 3

Sorry, but I've read this email twice and I can't figure out what the
problem is, or where Meld is involved. Could you give some more
details on what's actually going on?


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