Re: mcedit: Center current line in middle of screen

Hi Sebastian,

thank you for sharing this!  In fact, I also digged into the source and
made a quick fix for my needs before I read your last message.  I was
surprised how well the API is crafted, so changing small things directly
in the C source code is probably the way to go for minor features like

I'm thinking that such feature has a minor drawback which can be
additionally addressed – it is little offensive, IMO, to human brain
to observe such jumps.

Personally, I have no need for moving the display slowly or gradually, I
think this adds complexity.  I am a fan of minimalism but fully respect
any efforts to make software more accessible.  So I am curious if you
come up with some changes here, would be interesting.

There is major difference in my patch however — and this is important for
my personal text editing experience:  I mostly feel the need to center
the current line when I am already at the bottom of the buffer, eg.
editing long text or code and the cursor line is both on the bottom of
the window and the buffer.  Therefore I made a hack to redraw the window
when I am in the bottom half of both window and buffer.

Btw, I was also long-time vim and emacs user, but got fed up with many
things in both editors, especially with the complexity and bloat which
came with third-party packages and extensions.  That is why I am still
looking for a replacement and mcedit is indeed on the very top of my

Anyhow, I will upload my patch to your ticket, please feel free to
delete/reuse/modify it for your proposed changes.

Kind regards, 


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