mcedit: Center current line in middle of screen

Hi there,

to me, mcedit is a hidden gem.  It struck the right balance between ease
of use, advanced features and simplicity.  However, I miss an important
function: The ability to center the current line in the middle of the
screen.  I could not find it anywhere, maybe someone from the community
can help?

I could image writing a work-around macro but before spending effort
on this I was wondering if there are best practices.  Also, the macro
would not be so simple because I could not find a directive or definition
to get the current line number.  Doing this externally via `tput` or
other tricks seems wrong and would it be even possible to combine
external commands with internal instructions?  

Both while programming or writing longer texts, I often want to "center"
my view and cursor and not being stuck on the last line of the screen. 
Most basic editors I know so far have this functionality on board (eg.
nano --> C-L).

Thank you for help on this in advance!

Kind regards,

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