Re: mcedit: Center current line in middle of screen

On Thu, 14 Jan 2021 at 15:24, <martin famic de> wrote:
Hi there,

to me, mcedit is a hidden gem.

For me too. It is so good that I've started to improve it recently. See my pending patches:


I'm also working on adding a S-Lang scripting to it :) It already works on my machine. It was really simple, just invoking SLang_init_all() and that was it, as libslang is already linked :) I have a plugin in it that implements adding and subtracting from number under cursor, for example. When I improve the support (e.g.: add some more S-Lang interface functions that would allow e.g.: moving the view) I submit the patch.

It struck the right balance between ease of use, advanced features and simplicity.
Exactly. And IMO with a light scripting engine it could shine even more and be able to compete with other main editors.

However, I miss an important
function: The ability to center the current line in the middle of the
screen.  I could not find it anywhere, maybe someone from the community
can help?
This is one of the most missed features by me and it was one of the main things that drove me to contribute to mc. Seeing that someone shares my view, I'll not wait until the scripting engine will be ready and I'll implement the centering in C ("CenterView", perhaps, for the name of the command?). It'll be there soon :)


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