mcedit: Is there a way to tell mcedit to start in window mode instead of full screen?

I looked on the --help screen but didn't see an option to open in window mode

$ mcedit --help
  mcedit [OPTION…] [+lineno] file1[:lineno] [file2[:lineno]...]

GNU Midnight Commander 4.8.25-154-g33c84e75e

Help Options:
  -h, --help                Show help options
  --help-all                Show all help options
  --help-terminal           Terminal options
  --help-color              Color options

Application Options:
  -V, --version             Displays the current version
  -f, --datadir             Print data directory
  -F, --datadir-info        Print extended info about used data directories
  --configure-options       Print configure options
  -P, --printwd=<file>      Print last working directory to specified file
  -U, --subshell            Enables subshell support (default)
  -u, --nosubshell          Disables subshell support
  -l, --ftplog=<file>       Log ftp dialog to specified file
  -v, --view=<file>         Launches the file viewer on a file
  -e, --edit=<file> ...     Edit files

Please send any bug reports (including the output of 'mc -V')
as tickets at

Midnight Commander is my favorite "mst have" program on my Linux machines.

Thanks for all your efforts :)

Bob Currey

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