Re: smbclient mount with MC?

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
On Fri, 22 Sep 2006, Wiseman wrote:

The problem Felix has is he's using a bundled binary version of MC
which comes with SuSE 10.0. For some illogical reason, it's not
compiled with Samba support. If he compiles it from source, he'll lose
SuSE's nice UTF-8 patch and it'll become unusable, as SuSE's locale
(on the other hand, rather fortunately) uses UTF-8 encoding.

Please, calm down. I suggested to Felix to build MC from the Suse
source RPM (SRPM) for MC. I haven't verified, but I am pretty
confident that the SRPM includes all patches that Suse uses to
build the binary RPM package.

... because *not* making available sources of released binaries would be breach of GPL. SUSE lawyers would force them to release sources of all patches.

Ahhhh, beauty of GPL. :-)

Peter Masiar, Yale center for medical Informatics

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