Re: smbclient mount with MC?

On 06/09/21 15:43 (GMT-0400) Pavel Tsekov apparently typed:

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006, Felix Miata wrote:

On I see that Konq can do
'smb://server/sharename' to use smbclient to access lanman shares. Mc
doesn't have an equivalent that I have found so far on or elsewhere. Is there one?

MC can do this. Just configure it using the "--with-samba" option.

I use the mc that comes bundled with the OS, in this case, SUSE 10.0,
and mc 4.6.1-5. It doesn't have it. :-(

Is this direct support?, Or, does it depend on the kernel supporting
smbfs? The latest kernels have no smbfs. Cifs is supposed to replace it,
but cifs is broken for old OS/2 and windoz Lanman file sharing.
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