Re: Editing the wiki

Slava Zanko, 09.03.2012 13:57:
>> So now you assigned yourself my first ticket. Ask yourself: Is it 
>> meaningful? Would I spam your wiki or try to contribute? I always 
>> thought: a wiki is a wiki is a wiki. ;-)
> I have asked myself: no, you don't spam wiki. But I ask myself again:
> should I provide modify rights to any user, who posted correct
> tickets? And answer is: no, I shouldn't. Jist people, who ask about
> modify wiki.
> In any way, you have wiki modify rights now.

That's exactly what I meant: We do not grant it to every user who does
not ask for it just because she posted something meaningful, only if
they volunteer to contribute. Thanks for granting me access. I do not
know how much I can contribute, but even if I just happen to correct a
typo it is better than nothing. :-)

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