Re: Improved subshell support

Alexander Kriegisch, 07.03.2012 01:32:
> I discovered that there is a Trac ticket system on your web site, but
> somehow my provider's mail server seems to filter out registration
> e-mails, maybe because of a non-existent noreply@... sender address.
> Maybe someone can activate my e-mail address (user name kriegaex)
> manually? Anyway, for the time being I will keep posting here in this
> thread instead of creating a ticket with attachments in Trac:

I relaxed my spam filter settings a bit and resubmitted my registration.
My account is now active. Would you prefer to continue talking here or
is it necessary for me to open a ticket? This list seems to be
low-traffic, an I got the feeling of having kind of a monologue here,
trying to contribute a bit as a newbie and to provide as much info as
possible for you to make an informed decision about my patches.

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