Re: Editing the wiki

Slava Zanko, 09.03.2012 10:13:
>> One more thing: I just noticed that I do not have the necessary
>> Trac rights to edit the wiki. I just noticed when I wanted to add
>> uClibc as a glibc alternative in the prerequisites table.
> wiki editing was disabled because was lot of spam (in wiki too).
> Do you know, how development packages for uClibc called in rpm-based
> and deb-based distors?

I know the problem from our own Trac wiki on of which I am an
administrator. What we did was disable wiki editing for registered users
by default, but grant the rights to people who ask for it if we know
them from a previous ticket, IRC channel or mailing list inquiry. No
spammer would take the trouble to write a meaningful ticket and then
spam our wiki.

So now you assigned yourself my first ticket. Ask yourself: Is it
meaningful? Would I spam your wiki or try to contribute? I always
thought: a wiki is a wiki is a wiki. ;-)

As for uClibc: I do not know package names because in Freetz we have our
own toolchain which users can either build with our makefiles or
download precompiled for several uClibc versions. Just check our website
or SVN repository to see how we build.

BTW: While MC is losing users to GUI file managers on desktop distros,
it is popular on server systems without X and specifically on embedded
environments, e.g. on router distros such as Freetz, OpenWrt etc. So I
guess if you think of the equation "users=clients" (even if you work for
free, we do too BTW), maybe you should listen to them or at least make
is easy for them to contribute. Just compare your own web site and ours
for the number of meaningful pages concerning documentation etc. MC
surely has way more users than Freetz (we probably just have a few
thousand), but we let our users contribute and the developers also take
docu-writing (semi-)seriously even though we also have daytime jobs. ;-)
Alexander Kriegisch (kriegaex)

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