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Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hellom
>> IMHO we should start with the latest stable release (4.6.1 ?) and apply
>> all the vendor/distro patches floating around step by step (*1). Once  
>> that's done, we should make a new official release very soon.
> I agree with this approach, we should start by reviewing those patches
> as well, as not every distro patch in packages is suitable for upstream
> inclusion.

Is it a good idea to make git-branch "Stable" based on 4.6.1 and
git-branch "Current" based  of the current cvs-code (4.6.2-pre1)?

> I suggest that the patches are posted to the list, in a way similar to
> other projects so the patches can be peer-reviewed and discussed before
> they go into the tree.

Sure. Many patches in different distros is a different too, but a little
bit. We need to review the patches and may be based on them to make a
few others (summarize) ... or take the best of several similar.

And, of course, will apply all accepted the patches to the branch of
"Current". Then a lot of people will be able to test patches (even those
who do not know how to apply the patches).
Also, testing distributions (like Fedora) could include a branch of
"Current" in list of packages - this would significantly increase the
audience of users and accelerate the stabilization of patches. Then
stabilized patches are transferred to the "Stable" branch.

I suggest such an arrangement. Does anyone like this?

WBR, Slavaz.
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