Re: Further Midnight Commander development

* Slava Zanko <slavazanko gmail com> schrieb:


> Is it a good idea to make git-branch "Stable" based on 4.6.1 and
> git-branch "Current" based  of the current cvs-code (4.6.2-pre1)?

I'd really suggest forking the stable tree on 4.6.1 release and 
let it be the rc for 4.6.2, then step by step merge in all the 
patches/branches floating around the net.

> And, of course, will apply all accepted the patches to the branch of
> "Current". Then a lot of people will be able to test patches (even those
> who do not know how to apply the patches).

We'd rather should call that tree "testing", IMHO ;-o

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