Re: Midnight Commander mod with Colorer-take5 syntax engine

> already implemented.
I should look for that switch then :) .
It's a runtime option in editor's settings dialog. You'll find it easily ;)

> No, just clean mc snapshot from
Can you make it available to me? I am quite curious where the changes I
The latest one I've got from
The previous I've used (mc-2006-05-30-15.tar.gz)

> plain C API from library side - however this'll take more time and I
> see no reason in doing this.
My question was if it is technically possible to rewrite the cpp code
for *mc* in c and (through trickery) still keep interface compatibility.

No. that's particular action is not possible as far as I know.
Surely it is possible to make a kind of c++ API 'emulation' from pure
C code - so that pure C component (mc) will start using pure C++
component (libcolorer). But this is just in theory and it's not a
production solution.

Hope I've answered your question ;)


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