Re: Midnight Commander mod with Colorer-take5 syntax engine

Hi Pavel, Hi All,

I'll be really glad to help to improve MC in this area,

I've downloaded MC-Colorer's source tarball today and I took
a look at the code. Though I haven't studied the code in depth
I can say that it seems pretty high quality. After all it is
written by the colorer's author himself - who could understand
better how colorer works :) I'll try to contact him and see what
he thinks about integrating his work into MC's source tree. It

If somebody is interested, attached is a full diff on MC tree to support colorer.

For now I'm using SVN repository to store modified MC code.
Information on how to access it:

There are also some questions which I believe should be discussed.
At first there is one C++ file in this mod (to link with c++ colorer code). As far as I understand MC uses C only. Is this a problem?
Another is that this mod dynamically links to the libcolorer - this means that to use it, colorer library should be installed in system. This introduces MC additional dependency.

would be also very useful if we could use the work done on MC-Colorer
to get syntax highlighting in the viewer too - this was one of the
tasks I was trying to achieve when I started investigating colorer.

That's a good idea, I'll try investigate it in near time.


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