Re: Midnight Commander mod with Colorer-take5 syntax engine

Leonard, all,

Here attached the patch over mc-2006-06-17-02 (snapshot from Please don't make direct diffs between mc-colorer and
cvs snapshot since they are different versions. Use this patch for

I've separated the patch for easier understanding:
build.diff - make/configs changes
edit.diff - changes in existing edit/* files
mccolorer.diff - new colorer's code edit/syntax-colorer-*
lang.diff - ru.po additions for colorer

> Colorer library can be disabled either during compilation time
Switching at run time would be nice. At least as a startup option.

"either during compilation time or in runtime" - I meant this is
already implemented.

These are comments and fixes in your mccolorer, not available in CVS.
Are you using patches from others?

No, just clean mc snapshot from

> > odd whitespace changes, but there appear to be some hunks at the top and
> > bottom to actually do something. Please submit (not the whitespace) :) .
These are patches you seem to be using that are not in CVS. This is why
I ask you to submit them for review.
Sorry, it seems to be a difference in our original MC tarballs. I
didn't touch it. See the patch attached for all the files changed.

> The main problem with this is that syntax-colorer.cpp file makes
> direct connection between mc editor data and colorer's code.
> Technically it is possible to extract a kind of 'generic' C API and
> include it on library side. In this case MC will have pure C codes.
Is it technically possible to reimplement that c++ code in c? (This is
just theoretical question, I don't ask you to do it.)
It is possible to move this code to libcolorer side and implement
plain C API from library side - however this'll take more time and I
see no reason in doing this.

Yes, I guess you are right. We might want to put the colorer code in a
different directory though.
That's easy.


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