Re: Midnight Commander mod with Colorer-take5 syntax engine

Hello Igor,

On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 16:50 +0400, Igor Russkih wrote:
> I'll be really glad to help to improve MC in this area,

This looks really nice. I'm very exited. With just minor patching to the
xml (introduction of ControlKeyword, eg "if", "else" etc.) and a custom
colour scheme I've already got the php syntax looking much like the
original in mc (where can I send patches? Is there a mailing list for
colorer?). Only have to look at the String type as we normally
distinguish between single quoted (FixedString) and double quoted
(VariableString) in php (and perl too for that matter).

Although the startup of the viewer seems a bit slow with colorer this
has much added value over the default syntax highlighting, and although
I think we could well include the colorer hooks in the main mc tree I
don't believe we should drop the existing highlighting, over even make
colorer the default. Firstly the default syntax is more lightweight,
which some people might prefer. Secondly the use of colorer requires the
installation of a(n extra) third party library.

> If somebody is interested, attached is a full diff on MC tree to
> support colorer. 

Is this a fully functional patch? Much lighter than the diff I got
diffing your tarball against CVS :) .

In that patch I noticed a couple of things:
- You got rid of the COPYING.LGPL file in vfs. I think this might be a
mistake on your part. You might want to rectify that for your version.
- In your version you got rid of the pipethrough files. This has no
bearing on us as it's not in your patch.
- There are a lot of fixes to the po files and some to the Russian and
Serbian(?) man page. Please submit these to this list separately.
- I noticed a CR here and there. There seem to be even more in the patch
you sent. Please get rid of those (fe with dos2unix).
- You made some fixes to the config files as well that seem same. Please
submit those separately for review.
- I noticed changes in vfs/samba/configure. Most of this are somewhat
odd whitespace changes, but there appear to be some hunks at the top and
bottom to actually do something. Please submit (not the whitespace) :) .
- Why did you get rid of vfs/extfs/ (not much of an issue)
- There are a lot of added comments/fixes in that I do not
see in your patch. Please submit separately.

> For now I'm using SVN repository to store modified MC code.
> Information on how to access it:

Good to know.

> There are also some questions which I believe should be discussed.
> At first there is one C++ file in this mod (to link with c++ colorer
> code). As far as I understand MC uses C only. Is this a problem?

Yes, it might. The overall approach towards accepted language constructs
is a bit conservative to maintain compatibility with older systems.
Would it be much work to rewrite these parts?

> Another is that this mod dynamically links to the libcolorer - this
> means that to use it, colorer library should be installed in system.
> This introduces MC additional dependency.

This is why I do not want to make colorer the default. I think this is
something we should leave to the distributions.

>         to get syntax highlighting in the viewer too
> That's a good idea, I'll try investigate it in near time.

That would be great. Thanks a lot!


P.S. Could you please set your mail client to produce plain text mails
and use an indentation character and a "replying to" line for quotes?

mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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