Re: mcedit stackdumps on exit

Hi Pavel,

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 14:28, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> If it is the "oh, boy" thing
> that upset you - I used that as expression of exclamation and I don't see
> anything personal in doing so. Certainly I don't call you names - this was
> not my intention at least.

Neither did I feel it as such (name calling). However, I somewhat get
the feeling that you mistake my lack of time to properly review your
patch as a lack of interest in your patch or the project as such. Your
response gives me the impression you feel personally neglected because
of the lack of developer time and your exclamation IMO makes your
response too personal.

Let me make it clear that I neither have a lack of interest in the
project nor in your patches. In the past I have taken time to review
your patches, but excuse me that I do this when it conveniences *me*.

> Why testing if the bugs are not fixed  ?

Now this is the kind of tone that I can't appreciate. It suggests that
nobody is interested in mc but you. This of course is totally untrue.
You confuse the fact that I haven't (taken) time to review your patch
with a rejection of and lack of interest in it.

> None of the three developers of MC are willing to review patches.

Yet another false assumption. I've never indicated I am not willing to
review your patch. And I can't speak with certainty for rillig or pchel.
All I can do is indicate how I think the situation currently is.

> Well, guys, I have to tell you something - pack your bags and go away.

(Not being personal?)

Now why is that? I not having time to review patches doesn't stagnate
the project now does it? It's not like I prevent others from doing it.

> I could understand you (the developers) if at least
> someone was active while the others were idle.

How is that? I didn't read in the job description that I'd have to
synchronise my agenda with that of the other developers. At least not in
the way you are suggesting.

> I spent my time uncovering a bug and crafting a patch for it - and yes
> this is not the first time I do it.

This is appreciated. If you'd think twice you'd know I do.

> I would expect that someone of the
> developers would spent some time to take a look a it, to try to understand
> the issue, to discuss it at least.

I am discussing it. Well, was. But you seem to confuse my questions for
a refusal of your patch.

> Well, this is kind of strange. You know that noone is willing to perform a
> review but you still want a review. Did I get it wrong ?

Indeed. What I meant is that if none of the "official" developers has
time to review the patch I have no objection to go on the judgement of
others who frequent this list and are willing to review the patch.


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