Re: mcedit stackdumps on exit

Hi Pavel,

On Tue, 2005-06-14 at 22:20, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> You are calling for security review but you are denying a patch

Now *you* are assuming too much. I haven't denied your patch. I'm just
inquiring if adding a single g_strdup() would fix the issue "for now".

And I wasn't calling for a security review, I just wrongly assumed from
your first post there were security implications. At least when I make
assumptions I call them that. There's something *you* could learn.

> - oh, boy.

You are t/making this all too personal and I do not appreciate that. I'm
asking questions as to establish the nature of this issue and how to
best fix it for our "stable" PRE branch and "unstable" HEAD.

> The patch itself is not so big anyway but it is up to you (the developers)
> to decide whether to review it or not.

When I have time. I'm going to enjoy the last parts of spring now it has
finally come ;p . Or when one of the others has time. I'm not sure if
Roland is willing to review your patch and as I've understood pchel is
in sleep mode until after the release of 4.6.1.

Also, I'm quite willing to go on the input of third parties but I *do*
want a review before committing.

>  As for using g_strdup() - you'd
> better remove the g_free() in mc_maybe_editor_or_viewer() since at the
> time it is called MC is already exiting so it doesn't matter so much if
> that memory is free or not.

So the assignment of file to dir.list[0].fname is no problem as such?

> Anyway, I'll be applying my patch for Cygwin even if it is not approved
> here before the release. At least I've tried to get those changes in the
> proper way.

Noted. As I've told you before, I'd appreciate it if you'd not address
your gripes against Roland to me. We are two quite distinct persons you


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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