Re: mcedit stackdumps on exit


On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> On Tue, 2005-06-14 at 22:20, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> > You are calling for security review but you are denying a patch
> Now *you* are assuming too much. I haven't denied your patch. I'm just
> inquiring if adding a single g_strdup() would fix the issue "for now".
> And I wasn't calling for a security review, I just wrongly assumed from
> your first post there were security implications. At least when I make
> assumptions I call them that. There's something *you* could learn.

Maybe there is a security issue but I am not aware of it. If there is
someone interested into investigating I'd welcome it.

> > - oh, boy.
> You are t/making this all too personal and I do not appreciate that. I'm
> asking questions as to establish the nature of this issue and how to
> best fix it for our "stable" PRE branch and "unstable" HEAD.

I see nothing personal in this discussion - I call for evaluation of a
patch which fixes a crash condition in MC. If it is the "oh, boy" thing
that upset you - I used that as expression of exclamation and I don't see
anything personal in doing so. Certainly I don't call you names - this was
not my intention at least.

My understanding is that MC-4.6.1pre4 was released with the intent to become
an official MC release after a week of testing . Why testing if the bugs are
not fixed  ?

> > The patch itself is not so big anyway but it is up to you (the developers)
> > to decide whether to review it or not.
> When I have time. I'm going to enjoy the last parts of spring now it has
> finally come ;p . Or when one of the others has time. I'm not sure if
> Roland is willing to review your patch and as I've understood pchel is
> in sleep mode until after the release of 4.6.1.

This is quite unfortunate. None of the three developers of MC are willing
to review patches. Well, guys, I have to tell you something - pack your
bags and go away. I could understand you (the developers) if at least
someone was active while the others were idle.

I spent my time uncovering a bug and crafting a patch for it - and yes
this is not the first time I do it. I would expect that someone of the
developers would spent some time to take a look a it, to try to understand
the issue, to discuss it at least. What I observe is a total lack of
interest . How could that be ?

> Also, I'm quite willing to go on the input of third parties but I *do*
> want a review before committing.

Well, this is kind of strange. You know that noone is willing to perform a
review but you still want a review. Did I get it wrong ?

> >  As for using g_strdup() - you'd
> > better remove the g_free() in mc_maybe_editor_or_viewer() since at the
> > time it is called MC is already exiting so it doesn't matter so much if
> > that memory is free or not.
> So the assignment of file to dir.list[0].fname is no problem as such?

Well, this whole thing is wrong, the code in question is an ugly hack.
The assignment itself is not a problem - the problem is that the `fname'
member  is freed once when the contents of the panel are reloaded (as
it happens after an execution of a command from the User Menu) and then
in mc_maybe_editor_or_viewer().

> Noted. As I've told you before, I'd appreciate it if you'd not address
> your gripes against Roland to me. We are two quite distinct persons you
> see.

I do not address anyone personally. I address certain actions or lack of

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