Re: dynamic loading of libraries

Or perhaps fork it so that there is more than one release every blue moon.
Pavel, there is an old saying about rocks, and glass houses...



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> Hello,
> On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, Roland Illig wrote:
>> what do we need dynamic loading for? It seems simpler to me to just link
>> to the libraries directly.
> It may be simple to you but have you considered the package maintainer
> and the end user ? Or you are again just thinking only for yourself ?
> There are external dependencies which are not vital for MC and it can
> function without them properly - for example the famous X11 mouse support.
> With dynamic loading it is still possible to build MC with X11 support
> but at runtime a decision is made whether to enable it or not based on the
> availability of a given library. So if you don't want to install X you
> still can run MC.
>> Maybe someone once wanted to have plug-ins. But then the way we do it
>> currently is completely wrong. We currently load external libraries
>> dynamically, but the interfaces of these libraries could change without
>> notice. Here compile-time bindings give us type safety, which dynamic
>> binding with GModule cannot provide.
> Everything can change without. As we can see even the source code of MC
> changes without notice.
> And no - it is not about plug-ins. It's about flexibilty. If you've made
> the effort to search the mailing list, you probably would find an answer
> to your question.
>> I suggest that we remove all dynamic binding code from mc.
> Perhaps you should think twice before pressing the Send button.
> I cannot resist to suggest you to seriously consider the possibility to
> move to another project where you can fully exercise your skills. It seems
> that you just don't like MC and you are on a crusade to shape it according
> to your likings.
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