Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

On Sat, 15 Nov 2003, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hello Pavel,
> > There is a specific problem with glib 2.x, which is the fact that it
> > relies on non-common infrastructure, such as pkg-config.  I have voiced my
> > concerns about it already.  I believe that pkg-config should have been a
> > script, not a C program.  I do agree that glib 2.x is unnecessarily hard
> > to compile on OSes without GNU tools preinstalled.
> >
> > But since glib 1.2.x is not going away, we can support it.  Thanks to
> > Miguel's clarification, I believe that glib is a good choice.
> My personal vote would go for Glib 2.x.  Even if it is slightly harder
> to build on old systems, it is becoming more and more ubiquitous
> everywhere:
> 	* Solaris ship with this, and MacOS will have to ship it as
> 	  part of their X distro to support fontconfig.
> 	* Every Linux system that uses or Gnome will
> 	  have it (Cairo, Fontconfig, depend on it anyways).
> 	* Every installation where Mozilla runs will have it too.
> I know it is very desktop-centric, but pkg-config fixes a long standing
> problem in the Unix world: how to detect, use and consume libraries
> easily.
> And glib 2 provides a lot nicer IO support (the kind that would be nice
> to replace the stuff in key.c).

OK, then I won't rush with integrating glib 1.2.x into the mc sources.
The only change that will be implemented now is moving the build scripts
to the root directory.

Sorry for all the flames that this thread has provoked.  I was away and
could not stop it immediately, but the measures will be taken.

Pavel Roskin

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