Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 02:10, Alexander Varakin wrote:
> 1. no hassle with installing , building glib aymore
> 2. no changes in mc sources
> 3. we will have stable version of glib
> 4. no hassle with glib1 vs glib2
> 5. maybe smaller size of mc binaries
> 6. this subset of glib may become a foundation for new mc framework

This would be a good idea and for the moment not bad either. But here is
something more easy:


And you are quite a lot closer to porting from glib to glibc. After this
do that:

:%s/g_strconcat/<with the old copy_string function>/g

And you ported Midnight Commander for over 60-70% to glibc again. This
was only a quick peek I did. A few things need a bit more investigation
but it's not that big as people may assuming here.

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