Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 00:00, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > I understand your feelings, but I'd rather go with a utility
> > library maintained by someone else, ideally with standard
> > stable API.
> I agree completely with Pavel: the more code you reuse from
> someone else, the more you cross-benefit that community, and
> they benefit you. Less lines of code to maintain, more time
> to work on fun things.

I think you should know it better than what you replied here. You are
only making a despite reply here imo. Reusing code definately a good
thing in large projects such as GNOME but not good in a console
application which can run easily without glib here. Your reply regarding
community stability is wrong if you looked at the g_tree_traverse call.
It's marked deprecated in glib 2.3.x. So much for API compatibility.

Your reply regarding 'working on fun stuff' deserve a closer view as
well. Look what happens once the DEPRECATION of such glib calls come
reality ? You then sit there thinking of yet another 20 ways howto solve
the problem - which should not have been a problem after all if there
was a proper solution for it. Look at GNOME for example how much stuff
recently got marked DEPRECATED (of course I am all for the deprecation
itself because we finally move away from wrong code and move towards a
nice codebase for the GNOME framework) but for the fun thing... How much
time do we need to change our code to fit the new functioncalls. All the
libgnomeui deprecated functions we now need to YET AGAIN work out a new
solution... where is the 'use the time to hack on fun stuff' ? Same for
the new Toolbarcode and Menucode, replacement of GTKCombo with
GTKCombobox. Even your ppl at Ximian need to hack GAL to change the
GTKCombo used inside there... So much for the 'fun stuff'. This is no
rant or insult, only a true statement that even you know. And you know
it's true.

As I said, I am not against Glib and I do see the benefits of it in a
large project such as GNOME but not in a console application. What
re-use of code is there in Midnight Commander ? There are basically no
code-reuse, no deep large library call that does some significant task
here. The majority of stuff used are memory allocation calls and
free'ing calls beside some string calls. Everything and all replaceable
with glibc ones.


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