Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

> >
> > The remaining 30% of mc's glib code usage must be the list code, and I
> > the best way to handle it is just to use glib's implementation.
> The problem is wasting the time doing this.

You should not worry about this. If this effort will be supported by
maintainers of mc , I and Ali will make the changes. It does not look like a
huge effort, couple of days max.

The real problem is that many potential users try to install or build mc and
suddenly they realize that this small program requires a third party
library, maybe many of them. When something like this happens to me, I just
nuke such program and try to forget about it....

> The focus should be on cleaning up *that* code base, taking advantage
> of what glib has to offer, rather than introducing more regressions in
> the code.

For this we have another option, the simplest of all: just include the whole
glib as part of mc.
BTW, we already have one 3rd party library (slang) included, and nobody
complains about it.


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