Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander


> > Glib is a core dependency for many projects.  X is a large windowing
> > system.
> > I am trying to have a technical discussion and respectful to you.  
> Thanks. However, I've been using mc (except >=4.5) for about 7 years without
> glib dependency, and I see not a single reason to just let that dependancy
> occur. or evolve to a higher degree.
> > If you are using Linux, you probably already have glib installed.   If
> > you do any kind of development in any of the new projects, you probably
> > also have pkg-config.
> I do have glib. I do have pkgconfig. I don't have anything against glib
> _in general_, but pkgconfig is a braindead idea. Especially in its current,
> binary form.
> > I use software in /usr/local, /mono, /install, /miguel, /toys and /usr,
> > and they all work fine.   Hint: man pkg-config
> Yes, I have to compile and install pkgconfig too. Idiocry. And it's also
> offtopic here.

Well, now I know why people think you are an imbecile.


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