Re: A proposal for Midnight Commander

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> My personal vote would go for Glib 2.x.  Even if it is slightly harder
> to build on old systems, it is becoming more and more ubiquitous
> everywhere:
Sure, let's depend on XFree86 4.3 too, it's getting more and more
ubiquitous everywhere.

> 	* Solaris ship with this, and MacOS will have to ship it as
> 	  part of their X distro to support fontconfig. 
I don't have solaris, nor macos.

> 	* Every Linux system that uses or Gnome will
> 	  have it (Cairo, Fontconfig, depend on it anyways).
I don't use either of these.

> 	* Every installation where Mozilla runs will have it too.
I use Opera. Anyway afair mozilla is distributed in a static binary.

> I know it is very desktop-centric
Do you really suppose this desktop-centric user will mess with a console
filemanager with keyboard controls?

> but pkg-config fixes a long standing problem in the Unix world: how to
> detect, use and consume libraries easily.
Sure. Ever tried to compile some pkgconfig-user program in "userspace", eg
both with --prefix=/home/anywhere ? It won't work. Only as root, and /usr.
So much for fixing long standing problems. (try sidplay2-lib and sidplay2
packages for example)

MPlayer Core Team

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