Re: [OT] Re: rename improvement

Hi, Oswald!

> > > Which request?  If you mean Shift-F6, try Options -> Learn Keys and
> > > configure F16.
> >
> > hm, should it do something ? i don't see the point to learn my shift key
> > since it is a common key used on 100% of all machines, no fancy things
> > that need to be learned.
> >
> the entire problem is that the linux console maps shift-f1 to f13 and so
> on - i consider this a major braindamage.

That's only part of the problem, and we could easily deal with it if it
was consistent.  The real problem is that it's done differently in
different keymaps.  The default keymap in the kernel maps Shift-F1 to F11,
but the default keymap loaded by loadkeys maps Shift-F1 to F13.

I'm looking at the source of dumpkeys now.  I think it's possible to read
the mapping using KDGKBENT ioctl.  I'm adding this to the TODO list.

> recently i remapped shift-f1 to f11, etc. up to shift-f8. shift-f9 &
> shift-f10 don't produce keycodes, so i mapped f11 to f19 and f12 to f20.
> whatever.

That's what I normally do.  Or I set "ru1" keyboard, which does the right

> anyway, i just noticed that this mapping is now gone because of the poor
> concurrency behavior wrt. writing out config files. *grmbl* how about a
> bit merging and checkpointing?

You mean that mc killed the config file?  Yes, it's a major problem and
needs to be fixed.  It's already in TODO.

Pavel Roskin

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