rename improvement


i would like to ask, if it's possible to change the way 'rename' works
in midnight commander i think you gonna agree to me when i go into
details that this may be a big improvement.

look, how often does it happen that we like to rename single files and
get totally upset that the rename field is empty and we need to enter
the whole name again while we only need to rename 1-2 characters of the
old name. is it possible to have the rename function for single files
act somehow like the 'symlink' function ? i mean that whenever you like
to rename one single file that the old filename get's written in the
field and when we press space or start typing then the rename field is
being blanked. but as soon as we press the cursor keys (which indicates
that we like to change single letters) it then keeps the contents so we
can change only single stuff ? the way rename is done yet is highly
annoying specially when you deal with names that are easily 10-15 chars
of length.

hope it's clear what i like to point out.

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