Re: rename improvement


> i would like to ask, if it's possible to change the way 'rename' works
> in midnight commander i think you gonna agree to me when i go into
> details that this may be a big improvement.
> look, how often does it happen that we like to rename single files and
> get totally upset that the rename field is empty and we need to enter
> the whole name again while we only need to rename 1-2 characters of the
> old name. is it possible to have the rename function for single files
> act somehow like the 'symlink' function ? i mean that whenever you like
> to rename one single file that the old filename get's written in the
> field and when we press space or start typing then the rename field is
> being blanked. but as soon as we press the cursor keys (which indicates
> that we like to change single letters) it then keeps the contents so we
> can change only single stuff ? the way rename is done yet is highly

it's like that in AMC since the beginning, because i also liked it that way.

another thing is Copy (F5) / Move (F6), it should copy the filename to
the field for single file moves, together with the path, so if you want
to copy/move and rename at the same time (for example because there is
already file with same name in the other panel) you can change the name
without having to re-type it.
Common use of it is when you have 2 versions of a source code tree, and want
to copy out a file from the original to the patched version with .orig suffix.

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