Re: [OT] Re: rename improvement

On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 12:05, Adam Byrtek / alpha wrote:
> You MPlayer people are SO ridiculous. Yes, I use MPlayer and I think
> its a great piece of software, but your overall attitude is quite
> amusing... Wage your silly war if you really need it.

And you think your overall attitude right now justifies your reply ?
Sorry my friend for me Shift+F6 doesn't work either but that's no reason
pissing people off.

Yes I use MPlayer too and It's obviously the best and only serious
MediaPlayer available for Linux. I don't care what attitude someone has
and what he or she is into privately. But I have high respect and I'm
thankful to Gabucino and all the one who contributed for MPlayer.
Without them we probably still deal with halfassed implementations of
slow mediaplayers for the next 10 years.

And now friendly back to the request. I still like to see that feature
in Midnight Commander and this is a serious request.

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