Re: Fwd: - Royalty Report (2011/01).


Zazzle does a good job of selling in multiple currencies, but some
users prefer other, sometimes local, options.  The Board works with
other companies who also pay us a royalty and we don't have issues
with multiple stores, as long as they sign our trademark agreements
and we have a workable business relationship, which we do with

Sure - my only point is that it doesn't really make sense to promote
more than one merchandising store on our front page.

I disagree.  I think that it would be good to promote all organizations
that have agreements with the GNOME Foundation to sell GNOME branded
merchandise.  I would prefer to provide people with more choice.

I do think we want to avoid creating a confusing clutter of options,
but I do not think that is a real concern at this point considering
the small number of merchants who have arrangements to sell GNOME
branded merchandise.  This could become more of a concern if the
number of merchants grows significantly, but it does not seem a
serious issue at the moment to me.

I am not sure if it makes sense to promote merchants on the GNOME
front page, but I think we should promote all merchants somewhere
on the GNOME website.  Perhaps a website like
could contain a link to each merchant.  Then we could link to this
website from sensible places, like the FoG website and perhaps the
GNOME front-door.


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